What is Skill and What is Talent?

What is Talent? and What is Skill?

What is Skill and What is Talent?

Today topic is how to identify your Talent or What is Skill and What is Talent?

What is Skill? How to identify skill?

The first question that arrives in your mind is, How to discover your passion and talent?

Answer for the above question is already given by our foolish society that every person have some hidden and unique talent, the only thing matter is to identify this particular so-called talent.  

Previously I also think this is true, we have to identify or discover our talent and after that, all things will change and we become successful in our life. Basically this is a simple way to fool ourselves, by ignoring our current situation and making these foolish excuses.

Now I give you an example like,

A boy wants to become a successful cricketer.

Now he has the talent to hit a ball but if he thinks this is sufficient for him for becoming a successful cricketer.

Boy Hitting a ball

Just think about it. Was his only talent of hitting ball made him successful Batsman?

The Answer is always No.

So, what make him Successful Batsman?

The answer is Practice and skill.

So now what is needed to develop a talent or Skill?

Now you have to correct yourself you cannot identify talent because there is no talent. You have to just develop your skill and interest. Now suppose you have an interest in cricket and you want to become a successful batsman.

Basically now you have developed an interest, so it will automatically help you in developing your skill. Like if you doing something like cooking food, singing a song so if you doing your work with interest it will easy your work. If I am doing something with interest the chances of doing a particular thing will be more successful in comparison to other work in which you do not have any interest.

So the interest role is that much in our work.

Now come towards skill.

How you develop your skill?

The first thing is you can develop your skill by practice but your practice must be in the right direction.

Now what is the right direction and how will you identify the right direction?

Right Direction to Success

The answer is simple that is you can identify the right direction from information and knowledge from the right source.

The right source is simply a person who has experience or has expertise in a particular field and has the right knowledge. So now you can contact to that particular person and develop your skill with the help of him.

Coming toward other Questions, What is interest, and how you will identify interest?

It is important so please pay attention.

I asked you a simple question can you develop an interest in reading a book full of difficult vocabulary or simply if I use typical words in my blog. Can you develop your interest in my blog?

No you will never develop your interest in such kind of thing.

Can you understand the problem; the problem is that you cannot develop interest until you do not have proper knowledge about it.

You have knowledge which is limited and store in your mind from childhood till now. So if you try to develop your interest. You will develop your interest in only a particular thing which is already stored in your mind and which is limited.

Now I give you my example about knowledge.

From the previous 3 years I have been preparing for a competitive examination for government jobs. But later I identify that I do not have an interest in it. I have been preparing for this exam because I was influenced by society or we can say that the mind set.

The mind set which is filling by the society and it is very common in India.

But later I identify my interest in Digital Marketing. So at that time I do not have any knowledge about digital marketing. So my first step is to gain some knowledge about it and after realizing that this field is for me then I start learning and practicing digital marketing.

From all this I realize that before developing interest you need information. The Information of that particular interest.

You can ask yourself what is your interest and if you identify and it is realistically and practical than it will work. Secondly, if it will not work than simply you are in the informational world gather new information, identify new fields.

Do not assume that you know all things, then you will be the biggest foolish person.

If you assume that you know everything then you will be revolving in the same structural state. Observe people who are doing great in that particular field and learn from them through their knowledge.

If you start reading, listing to a successful person story, you will identify your path of life.

Success What is skill?

At last consistency and determination is very important if you want to achieve something in your life.

I hope you understand What is Skill and What is Talent?

We will soon come with different and more interesting blog.

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Thank you.

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