Respect Your Parents, Never Say No To Opportunity and Never Doubt Yourself

Respect Your Parents, Never Say No To Opportunity and Never Doubt Yourself

So today we will discuss how it is important to Respect Your Parents, Never Say No To Opportunity and Never Doubt Yourself. These are 3 Things we should definitely do in our life.

If you are a parent, children, businessman, corporate employee, students, or anyone. This blog will definitely help you make the right decision at the right time and how it important for today’s or future generation.

Please read this blog carefully.

Never Say No and Never Say No To Opportunity.

First, never say no to anyone without listing what he or she is going to say or share. Maybe he or she is sharing with you information or something which is most important for you, which he or she thinks so. I know we people sometimes pre assume that other people may be talking to you foolish like right know you are reading my blog and you think I am talking or sharing you foolish information but that is not true.

Never Say No

You should be a great listener when someone talking to you. If you really want to achieve success in your life, you should listen to others or grab other person knowledge or experience when he or she talking to you.


From childhood our grandparents or parents many times say that “They lost the opportunity because they do not make a decision at the right time” or because they say “no” without listening to other people what they are trying to share maybe that decision can change their life but without thinking or analyzing they say “no” and faces regret in whole life.

The other person who listens to or adopted that advice or information. Maybe he is successful in their life.

So never decide these words (yes or no) to oppress your life. 90% people mind is fixed with predefined things, something it is important to do not have a stand. People want to listen to those whose mindset matches their mindset. They do not want to grab fresh knowledge from other sources which is more meaningful.

Like today I disagree with your thought so you disagree with me or even angry with me. So this type of mindset is a dangerous or stubborn mindset. Sometimes it is important to do not have a strong opinion about one thing just act and think neutral. You should not see one side of the coin.

Have patience before passing your decision. Stop judging yourself, your capability, or other personal decision without knowing the facts and the situation of others.

Yes or No is a judgment

Simply “Yes or NO” is a judgment so does not pass your judgment so quick or too late. Take your time to analyze and then take the decision or judgment.

I think Respect Your Parents, Never Say No To Opportunity and Never Doubt Yourself, is a basic thing we should do in our life. But unfortunately we are not doing it.

Now second is we self doubt a lot or we can say that excess of everything is bad. Doubt is good if we think we should trust the strange person, or someone comes to us with his policy of doubling the money in one month, so that time doubt must be necessary for you. Doubt is good if it is helping you.

Never Doubt Yourself

Never Doubt Yourself

But self-doubt is not good when you stuck in your life and you decided to quit and when a bad situation come in your life you start doubting your decision, your belief, and your thought. So How to get rid of this type of situation?

You have to understand that you, me, or anybody. We as a human is same. We all are the same. Your brain is not similar to Einstein’s brain, it is the same!

So now you are simply not underestimating or overestimating yourself. Brain is all about the information you gather. Like right now you are reading my blog and you feel the change, so what change your mind? The answer is simple my information. Now you do not have inferiority or superiority complex.

Never Forget Your Roots

Respects Your Parents

We should not forget your grassroots (your parents). If we want success or grow in our profession we should not leave or separate our roots. You should never disrespect your parent or even do not think of doing badly for them. But some people are still doing for money.

Never Forget Your Roots.

If you have doubts about trusting someone than look at what he or she does to his or her parents, how much they respect their parents. If they do not treat well or respect their parents. How they will treat you or how you can trust that person.

It doesn’t mean that you follow your parents all decision. Sometimes their decision maybe not as good as for you. There may be clashes related to the decision you take. You do not agree to all of them what they are saying and it is important sometime to have a stand for the right decision. Only you can understand your grassroots (parents).

So respect is different in comparison to opinion. So do not mix it.

So we have discussed today, Respect Your Parents, Never Say No To Opportunity, and Never Doubt Yourself. These are 3 things we should do and you will definitely saw a change if you follow these 3 things.

At Last,

Never say “No”

Never doubt “Yourself”

Never forget your “Roots

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Thank you everyone for reading by blog carefully and interestingly I hope this blog may help in your life to overcome such type of problem which we face.

Have a Nice Day!

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